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    Karate for Kids

    Rt. 202 &
    Naamans Rd.
    Wilmington DE

    (302) 479-0042
    Welcome to Karate For Kids!



    Here at Karate for Kids we teach a form of Karate called Taekwondo. Translated, Taekwondo means "Art of the hand and foot," and originally comes from Korea where it is still practiced as a national sport. Although Taekwondo is one of the world's newest martial arts, formally named in 1953, its roots are based on techniques tested for thousands of years.

    Each class begins and ends with a bow. The beginner's white belt indicates he is without knowledge of Taekwondo. As one progresses in knowledge, the color of the belt gets darker: orange, yellow, camo, green, purple, blue, brown, red, red/black and finally black.

    Taekwondo, in modern society, is taught as a defensive martial art which develops skills in self-protection, physical agility, and mental keenness, but the Karate for Kids definition of Taekwondo is "a martial art that trains people physically and mentally."